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Election Selection Direction

November 8, 2016



What was on your mind when you voted today? And I don’t mean candidate selection or platform necessarily. Personally, I was surprised to have a very emotional response walking with my early voters into a shared space where we all made our choice, for our own reasons.

And let me be clear, I’m not dense. I didn’t make my vote thinking the next president was going to make all my dreams come true. That’s not a reality we live in. But each one of us make up our collective progress as a country and the drive, desire, thoughts we have while casting that vote is what will bring change to this country. Whether that will be good or bad change, well…that’s up to you. And if we cared about all elections, federal or local, like we did this presidential one…I believe good things could come. So please, share with me your drive, the emotion you felt while casting your vote. Let’s make this election day about the desire in our hearts, let’s make this election about the people and not the rhetoric or politics for a short moment.

For me, I put forth thoughts and energy to my daughter. To a new generation of daughters. Thanks to the Hamilton book I’m reading, I thought of our forefathers and mothers who came from different walks of life but educated themselves and exposed a heart and mind for a new country. On the flip side of that coin I also thought of those indigenous to this country that we ruined and continue to ruin and the respect they deserve as a people. As humans. My heart was open and raw for all the minorities who have a lot to lose and a lot to fear regarding our government and communities.

All of those emotions culminated at one moment in time, as the school doors opened and a smile met me at the door with a cheery good morning. Those thoughts flourished further when I walked up to my district table and saw two students whose well being and rights balance on this election, those same students who must have been up at the ass crack of dawn to participate and volunteer this morning.

This election has an energy and face we haven’t seen in a long time, let’s ruminate on our drives and desires and keep that spirit alive for the next election years.

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