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Flirtatious Appetite

November 3, 2016

Just imagine it. You’ve seen what you want, waiting on the street corner, elements react and it’s all the feels.

The wind whipping at your girly blouse, your hair dancing and drawing attention your way…oh wait, my hair is in a bun… ahem, your bangs dancing and drawing attention your way… your thoughts, alive with a desire like no other, send a message to your lips- smile.

Smile. At first, a sweet one. Coy. But your plans for this craving build until the smile turns seductive, hungry…

And at that sparked and carnal moment, you realize that you’re making eye contact with a boy walking your way. A boy who has somehow come innocently into the line of sight of your beloved Frites&Meats truck. The cheese drizzled fantasy that erupted upon seeing your Thursday crush in the form of a big yellow truck withers away as I realize the boy is smiling back. Just as coy.

Oh, honey. *frowny face*  I mean, yeah you’re cute and stuff but do you realize what’s behind you? The Mecca of potato. The Bradley Cooper of cheese. The J Law of fried seduction. My oozing food sexuality has no time for mere mortals wearing cool clear frame glasses.

Obviously, at the end of the day, I’m flattered you returned the smile meant for cheese. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson about how to come off sexy in future selfies, think of fries and cheese. Not to mention helping to strike up a hearty concern that I would look so openly flirtatious amongst daydreams of diet faux pas.

*eats french fry* Well, maybe not that concerned.

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