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In The Key of Hamilton: What Comes Next? A Re-Write.

October 25, 2016

*Trump walks to center stage, his nose breath audible, a singular light shines down on him*

~the piano tickles to life~

Dems say, 

The price of my win is not a price that they’re willing to pay.


I say some gross shit

now I’m fighting with feminists, hey

I’m still huge.

Republicans made an arrangement and I’m gonna stay,

You’re mine to abuuuuuse.

And in spite of my loss 

I have got a small query for you-

What Comes Next? 

Clinton leads.

Experience is not what this country needs.

You think you know,

you’re wrong, POW!

NRA and Putin take a bow.

1% Rise,

We’ll build a waaaaall!

Life wasn’t hard with daddy on the call.

But she’ll win,

Clinton leads,

even though people say they hate her…

they won’t give consent. To. Me. 

Da da da da da
Da da da da doooouchebag
I’m a dou-ou-ou-oooouchebaaaaag.

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