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History Has Its Eye Roll On You

September 27, 2016


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-2-56-42-pmOk so yah, lots of people watched the debate last night.

Like many, I sat perched on the edge of my couch with a Magnum ice cream bar poised in the air, I will not take a bite until I count all of the blue suits paired with a modest red striped tie. I was eerily aware of the importance of this debate as I cracked through both layers of caramel and chocolate (the layers like those of the dueling candidates hehehe *gag*), not only because it was the first one I’ve had the cognitive interest and education to watch…but because somehow I was about to watch a Presidential Debate that includes Donald Trump…as a nominee….for Presidency…

I would like to say that I watched as a cautionary tale, but basically I watched for fear this was the legit direction this country was trying to go and I was begging in my soul that Hillary would persuade me to vote for her. Because I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not really a voter. I don’t like politics, I don’t believe what our government is today is still a part of the ideals mop that the founding fathers had wrung from their densely educated minds.

In short, I don’t trust politicians and I’ve never had a candidate compel me enough to vote… I don’t vote lesser evils and normally I stand by that. I’m also not entirely convinced our vote counts but for the sake of this article I’ll pretend it does.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying that I need to fucking vote.

If there is 1% of my being that thinks our vote counts, I need to fucking vote.

If I truly believe that voting this man into ANY political seat would mean layering on another level of turmoil for this country, I need to fucking vote.

If I’m seeing things on my news feed that remind me of the violent and illogical state this country is becoming known for and I’m sure one of those candidates will only instigate it, I need to fucking vote.

To me, this isn’t about voting in a president anymore. This is about taking steps to ensure we don’t go a mile further into Shitsville and whether you like Hilary, whether you’re concerned about all those emails, whether you’re concerned about her pneumonia as a sign of weakness because you’re a fucktard that can’t think about what matters, whether her laugh creeps you out but somehow Donald’s lip-eyes don’t…

Whatever the case between you and Hillz… I get it….but we are not in a place as a country to piss off ANY foreign faction or worsen our own country’s reputation and voting in Trump you can guarantee an unpredictable 4 years and not in the cool Cancun spring break kinda way.. .even if his tan takes you back there.

And… if what I wrote in clear, concise sentences doesn’t help sway you from the voting ledge of a liar (and if you’re still facebooking that HillaHolla is a liar), just read this:

-Donald Trump Made A Number Of False Claims

– Donal Trump Makes Many Sentences With His Mouth 

-Donald Trump Once Again Talks About Women Like They’re Pigs 

So, basically, you don’t have to be FOR Hillary… this is not a pro Hilz post… This is a, who in their right mind would want that man as President post. Do you have daughters? A mom? Maybe an aunt you love a lot? Do you have sense? Compassion? Base understanding of foreign affairs? Do you want this country to be somewhat recognizable in the next 4 years with hopefully LESS racism, bigotry and sexism? Ok so like… you know what to do then, yeah?

Here, let me just *takes your head in hands and makes you nod yes*… good, cool then, see you at the polls.


****And please educate yourself on local elections so that once this shit show is over we can focus on our communities and vote in people who work for the heart of it. 

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