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I Was Just Wondering…

October 8, 2015

Has anyone turned an ear to Hailee Steinfeld’s new song “Love Myself”?

At first listen, I figured it was a sassy song about being an independent woman because girlies love that kind of jam…but…what was that, Hailee? You’re turning the cliche upside down?

Instead of a call out to all the ladies, she’s calling out her own name….in her Skittle Diddle anthem of 2015.

*Slow Clap*

I gotta say. I was surprised. I’m loving these Disney looking chicks sliding in some twisted shit. And Hailee is not letting me down.

For years and years I had a stigma against…Loving myself *winks at Hailee*…thanks to some girls in middle school and my black/white view as to what was wrong/right. But eventually lil Ewika grew up into a grown ass woman who knew better. And Hailee’s song comes upon of wave of accepting myself and loving myself (in every way, innuendo or not).

But let’s backtrack a little because while I’m all for rubbing out some good tunes, a few of her points bring me up short and should be cause for concern:

  1. She’s going to touch the pain away. This is totes cool if she means her emotionally scared soul courtesy of some douchebag. But Hailee, if you have actual pain down there I’d highly advise a visit to your GYN. Getting your solo on to mask it sounds dangerous.
  2. She’s screaming her own name. Now, in the most ravenous moments of my pleasure soliloquy I’ve never considered saying my own name. That’s some top notch narcissism right there…but uh…you go girl.
  3. She’s going to love herself until it hurts. Once again, I’m concerned for her health. Hailee, there’s good and bad pain…blink once if you’re meaning the good kind.
  4. She’s cool anytime, day or night. Totally. There’s no stipulation or rules on that…but just to clear it up to all the newbies meeting Little Red Riding Hood for the first time, there’s a time/place thing that should be followed so you’re not labeled “uncontrollable” or “too awesome”.

Well….I think we’ve all learned a few things today. And in the age for women uniting, I think a pretty good place to start is everyone nodding slowly when asked “Are you gonna love yourself tonight?”

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