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I Truly Detect a Snarky Ending (Spoilers, duh)

August 10, 2015



Wellwellwell….We finally got to the brutal, strange, poetic and sometimes cliche ending to Season 2 of True Detective.

What did you think? *puts finger to your mouth* Sssshhhhh, this is my blog. I’m gonna tell you what YMWIK thinks.

And me think I detect something snarky. I’m not even mad about it.

With the strong dialogue and existential flow of last season people would still try to find something wrong with it. It’s our nature, humans are dicks. But I was surprised to find the biggest problem for other people wasn’t the anticlimactic and rushed ending…it was the lack of a strong woman role.


The story didn’t call for that. And guess what? Not all women in real life are strong women roles. I know plenty of petty beeyotches who wouldn’t know how to represent a real woman if their lives depended on it. So, why are we putting pressure on creatives to jam an ideal woman into every damn story? But alas…the hell fire of woman came raining down on Nic Pizzolatto and I believe he took it to heart.

And then took that heart and twisted the knife so deeply.

Let me front this by saying I’m not sure if I liked the ending last night. I won’t criticize his mind, he wrote what he wrote and if you think you could do better- by all means. But if he wrote his ending as a huge “fuck you” to all the people who complained about his lack of writing good women, then I’ll accept it. Writing is a medium for many things and it’s okay if that thing is to relay a snarky message.

I would like to think Nic started out saying, Oh yeah? You want a strong woman? Here they are, standing tall behind the bodies of men who deserved better than what they ended with. Back shots, desert deaths and “message not sent”. But your message, my friend, was received.

He gave you the women you asked for but the price was the blood of men who protected them.

Or maybe, a happier way to see it is this: maybe he started out feeling snarky but in the end found that a woman’s heart can bring more justice than a broken man’s mind. We are two separate genders who can co-habitat but whose inner gears work on different platforms.

Frank knew how to bring justice to those who worked hand and foot to fuck him over…but he didn’t have the heart to realize a life with Jordan, even if it meant running, would far surpass dying bloodied alone.

Paul had the mind to think he knew what being a good man was, but he didn’t have the heart to live a life he deserved. And in the end, no matter how tactical he was, he was lost in himself and a shot in the back was the only thing that woke him up.

Ray. Oh…Ray. You were the only one who gave the heart a chance but in the end it didn’t matter. He darkened his heart and his life in bringing what he thought was justice to his family. When he had the chance to serve true justice and had the mind to know how, a little red light shone from beneath his car. And the only justice left to serve was making sure Ani didn’t get the same short stick the men in this season had picked.

So we’re left with Ani and Jordan and one lil dude who has his life ahead of him. That little boy, Ray’s spirit resurrected but not his mistakes, is the cherry on top of a vengeful sundae that Ani best serves with a warm heart alongside Jordan. I once said I was sick of women’s strength stemming from the actions of men, but this is the exception. And if you still think Nic can’t write a true woman? You have no idea what a true woman is.

Sidenote: You name a character Felicia and we don’t get one damn “Bye Felicia”….for shame. 

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