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It’s Repetitive, It’s Redundant! It’s Repetitive, It’s Redundant!

June 3, 2015

By now most people have seen, fainted, screamed, laughed, joked, supported or damned the picture of Caitlyn Jenner.

A few tiers of generations have known Bruce Jenner, whether from Olympic stardom or a toy helicopter flying dad trying to avoid the surge of estrogen within his home. But we were all recently introduced to someone that doesn’t fit either one of those images…and with that, came opinions. Of which you’re all completely entitled. Whatever your medium for disapproval and hate, you’re apparently entitled to it.

But that means, by the hand of Zeus, I’m entitled to plaster my disapproval of your disapproval ALL OVER THE INTERNETS.

People…stop being dumb. If you want to be religious, political, God Bless ‘Merica- go right ahead. But you don’t have to be ignorant at the same time.

There is no need to post things about Courage, comparing her picture with that of a war image or a veteran missing limbs, or Macklemore. Courage is a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS. And you are in no place to decide whose courage was better, stronger, more awful. Don’t be a twat. Until you’ve lived every damn scenario of sacrifice and courage, you my friends, are no judge of courage.

We are complex beings. We suffer and succeed on multiple platforms from psychological, to spiritual, to physical. Our lives are not to be lessened with a Life game of “Whose Dick Is Bigger?”

You don’t have to agree with her choice, you don’t have to support it…but whatever direction you’re coming from, especially religious, you do have to be kind. And you should be open to the struggles of all God’s children, if I might borrow a term I hear often.

Don’t ever take for granted you were born loving who you are (if there’s any person who truly does), there are many people who have no idea what that means and go years before they find the freedom and courage to embrace it.

As a final thought: Just stop throwing shade, dudes.

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