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Manners, Moms and Full Frontal Smiling

May 5, 2015

The train took me on a ride today!

Quite literally, it took me on a ride to work, so that’s cool. But if we’re going the metaphoric route, it also “took” me on “a” “ride”.

I’m first rewarded by seeing the body image campaign #ImNoAngel, wrapped around my train like the lacy black bras displayed on it. Women of all shapes and sizes, smiling and working it. It pumped me up, who doesn’t like to be reminded that they’re awesome even if they aren’t Victoria Secret sized (and those Angels are just as sexy in their bodies. I’m not shaming skinny.)

A few seconds after stepping onto the train, I hear the far away cries of a crazy. I roll my eyes, turn Ben Howard up and dive deeper into The Handmaid’s Tale (the irony of this book selection should hit shortly). My morning was going too well for crazy. But then… a few words pricked my interest. What was he yelling about? Did he need money? Was he a down and out old vet? No. He was a man. Dressed nicely. And saying….

Mother’s Day is Sunday, if you’re real man…if you love your momma….stand up today and give your seat to a lovely woman or mother nearby!

He said it over and over. There was only one man near me, sitting. Did he stand? Nope. He didn’t have earbuds in either, he heard everything. But that’s okay. Because, while this stranger was trying to enlighten men for a moment, he actually caused something else.

In the morning of women’s self confidence came a train full of women, united in the fact that even for one train ride these douchebags wouldn’t stand up. We smiled at each other. We giggled. We rolled our eyes playfully. It didn’t matter that I didn’t get a seat, I connected with a woman. I didn’t spend my time judging a girl for her outfit. Beating myself up because the girl next to me was gorgeous and thin. Constantly eyeing myself in the reflection of the window, are my bangs okay? Do I look good? Should I suck in? I got to experience just one moment of kumbaya towards women, pulsing through the train car like the nice cool a/c.

It was awesome.

Oh, and for the record, one man did stand up and give his seat. He wins life today. All the others? I don’t wish you harm, your douchebaggery waves like a flag and it’ll attract exactly what it promotes.

Good day, sirs. I SAID GOOD DAY.


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