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I Can Has Style AGAIN?!?!?! (Emmy’s 2014)

August 26, 2014

I’ll stand by while your head explodes from so much awesome fashion.



The Emmy’s!!!! I was giddy as a school girl last night, watching all that fashion and talent struttin’ its stuff.

It wasn’t 2 minutes in that I already had a page full of notes on some really stellar pieces.

Shall we begin? *twirls mustache*

In The Red of Night 

red6 2 red4 2 red7 2 red1 2 red3 2 red5 2 red 2 red2 2

It was like a couture blood bath on the red carpet last night. Too much? Well too bad! Red was splashed and dashed all over the place and my blood boiled with excitement. Very few red dreads failed to please, but I put some of the my favorites/interesting choices above. You had the classic lines like Dreyfus, Klum and Aduba- but Driver drove it home with an embellished neckline and classic cut. Hendricks went a bit garish in my opinion, I didn’t think so seeing her on the TV, but the photos don’t present the fabric well. Cuoco grew on me, the 80’s tule twist wasn’t a big bang for me in the beginning but it fits her well. January took it to new level in a vintage inspired number, keeping it interesting but high fashion classic. Claire….well, the thought is what counts but no ugly crying over it, k?

Well, That’s…..Neat…

neat5 2 neat4 2 neat1 2 neat3 2 neat 2

These weren’t….the worrrrrrst picks…but….I mean…..aren’t they like….neat? That’s the only thing I can say about them. I don’t like them, I don’t not like them…..But the lines….and uh…the symmetry…and like….stuff….meh.

Let’s Paint The Town! Or The Dress! 

paint3 2 paint 2 paint2 2 neat2 2 paint1 2

Nothing says dress like….paint? *squinty eyes* Seems like a common theme last night showed celeb’s artsy fartsy side with painting inspired garb. Each dress was a canvas and while some took to the paint look well…others just looked…like doctor office decor. Bowen’s dress was nice, the picture not so much- this painting doesn’t like blowing in the wind. Dockery didn’t make a mockery out of modern lines and block colors, the dress isn’t my favorite but it’s easy on the eyes. Taissa Farmiga sharpened the competition with a sketched out bodice number that I happened to love, pencil this one in for a favorite. And uh, annoying aunt from Breaking Bad? You’re breaking my heart with that stock painting number.

So Many Dresses, Amiwhite?

white4 2 white2 2 white5 2 white 2 white1 2

I’m not a fan of white, one wrong shadow and you’re looking rather….unfortunate. But with spanx and a stylist, last night proved the color a worthy one. From pant suits to fringe to glittering crystals, this color choice competes with the best of the red. But that last lil lady in the lineup- boom. That dress is straight up perfection.

Tip My Hat To The Top 5: 

best1 2 best2 2 white1 2 best 2 neat2 2

Laaaaaarvs me these babies. The lines, the cuts, the fabrics, the women inside the fabrics. GAH! I just want to touch them but not in a creepy way….you know what, maybe even creepy, because these dresses bring out something weird and carnal in me. What do you think? You like ’em?

Sigh. You’re Dress Choice and List Consequence.

worst1 2

I’m as inclined as your hem line to hate this choice.

worst 2

Because bubble gum.

worst2 2

Because crushed velvet and knots.

worst3 2

Nothing says a dress like looking as if you were caught in a red gnat cloud.


And now….for the best part…..BEST DRESSED!!!!

winner 2

Lizzy Caplan. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. It was tough but the moment I saw this gazelle of an actress, one of my favs on screen ladies, grace the carpet with her perfectly clad body- I knew she was mine to have. Creepy again? K. I’ll stop. But just look at her in all the glory of cut out bodices and perfectly pooling hems. You’re a vision, my dear. Now strip out of that ensemble and get back to experimenting with the horizontal tango.

There were so many choices last night that I didn’t even get to touch on some of them, but if you want to review what I missed just click here

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