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Keeping Society aBREAST

February 28, 2014


I had a nice list of blog topics for the next few entries but chucked them aside while watching Wendy Williams this morning. And by watching Wendy Williams…I mean…I wasn’t watching it….cough.

Let me start by saying: You do you.

Let me now say: I’m sincerely disappointed in our society shaming women who breastfeed in public.

Let me also say: I do not breastfeed in public. I took Summer PE in school so I wouldn’t have to change my clothes in front of people I went to school with, so whipping my boobies out in public is low on my list. I AM breastfeeding though.  And I think Frankie and the long list of people who saw my jugs from the day Cori was born to now can say, that when used as their purpose right now for the nourishment of my child, they are not sexual objects.

So as I watch a debate about this woman on a Delta flight who was told to cover herself or stop feeding her child, and 3/4 people at the table (3 of which were women and mothers) had the consensus that “boobs are sexual objects in this country so you should cover up, I don’t want to see your boobs on a plane” i was shocked.

And here’s why:

boobs3 2 boobs2 2 boobs1 2

These are images of breasts we see on a daily basis- and nobody says a damn thing. Why? Because they’re being used as sexual objects. So how is it the complaint for breastfeeding in public is that they’re sexual objects? Are you telling Salma Hayek to cover up if you so happen to sit near her in public? Are you really uncomfortable that breasts are sexual objects or are you uncomfortable because it’s the one time we’re not using them as sexual objects therefore you have no idea how to compute the act?

Again, this is not me on my high horse because I don’t breastfeed my kid in public. This is my normal issue and purpose of the blog- calling out pure ignorance in today’s society. When a woman walks on your flight with tits hanging out, do they tell her to cover them up? What about her ass cheeks in those short shorts I see on almost every flight to Texas in the summer?

feed 2

feed3 2 feed1 2

Out of the pics before and these- whose boobs are showing more?

This issue is really fucking dumb. There’s no gray here. It’s apparent that as long as boobs are being used as sexual things- peeps be cool with it. But WHOOOOA- she’s feeding her child??? No, cover ’em up. That’s effing gross. How dare you use boobs as non sexual things in my presence *turns page of Cosmo magazine*. How dare you totes make me rethink how breasts are seen in public, my mind like simply can’t open up to see boobs as like two separate purposes! *coos over Victoria’s Secret new push up bra*

I know a lot of people who read this will not agree with me. For some reason, no matter how you rationalize this, people will still think it’s wrong. I’m not here to change your mind because if you’re one of the MANY described above you are not a mind to be changed (and for that I’m sincerely sorry).

I just had to express how disappointed I am in the strange way society is blind to common sense and the issues of “sexual” things as opposed to “nourishing your child”.

I’m done.

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