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It’s All Blue Sky

September 30, 2013

There’s really nothing to say about the imminent breaking up of Breaking Bad last night.

I’m not here to sing spoilers, lament on Lambert, or cry in my chemistry withdraw.

I’m here to do the one thing we all need after a night like last night: Let’s eat our damn feelings.

In celebration of the finale, my friends came over and we threw together a feast that would have Flynn (Walt Jr) fling off his crutches and eat with vigor.

photo 1

I tried my hand at a cupcake recipe that called for yogurt, and holy Hank, does that chemical reaction call for overeating. They were moist, fluffy and flecked with Sky Blue meth. And by meth I mean meth. Just kidding, it’s sprinkles. (I might add that my grocer didn’t have blue sprinkles so I bought rainbow ones and picked the blue out- because I’m obsessive.)

photo 2

The finished product was Breaking Bad on the outside and crystal blue persuasion on the inside- altogether a cupcake for the true fan. Check out the prediction sheet we filled out prior to the show, Maki’s creation of course.

She also accurately predicted the use of-oh, I said no spoilers. Moving on.

photo 3

And the feast de resistance, Captain Cooks Extravaganza!

What we have here is Jesse’s onion (Funyun) rings, Flynn’s waffles, Pollos Hermanos fried chicken and Hank’s Brains cole slaw. I mean….are we cleverly amazingly awesome or what? Maki’s first flirt with fried chicken turned out delicious, a new waffle recipe I whipped up came out lovely and Hanks brains were much better in my mouth than on the desert floor (and much less sad).

All in all, I gorged myself to keep the feelings stuffed down and I’m not ashamed. Last night was a hard ricin pill to swallow and even though he could be an evil mofo- I’ll miss Walter White like no other.

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

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