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I Was Just Wondering….

September 17, 2013

When did we start taking objects aptly named for their purpose and turning them into other things for our convenience.

Case and point: Train….Trashcan….Train….Trashcan.

NYC-Subway 2

trash-can-icon 2

“I’m on a train, but I need a trashcan…By gosh, I’ll turn this train INTO a trashcan!”


This isn’t some new trend in human behavior, I get this. But it never decreases my initial shock when I see someone just crumple up some trash and throw it under their seat.

I had to physically restrain my preggo hormones from standing up with my empty tea cup and walking over to this woman and placing my cup in her bag. Because I’ve decided that her purse is now my trashcan, not unlike her decision to make a public area her trashcan.

People. We’re in New York. There is a trashcan the second you get off a train. And if there isn’t, the second you get to street level. And if there isn’t one there, you are more than likely going somewhere that a trashcan lives. And the tiny crumpled wad she decided needed to live on the train could have gone in her purse for the second, possible few minute walk to the place she was headed.


I was just wondering….when do we stop turning into assholes and respect the place where we live everyday?

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