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Get Off My Case!

September 10, 2013

What’s in a phone case?

Apparently everything if you want your personality expressed through another fashionable outlet that’s not a fedora. And fedoras don’t protect your phone- in fact- they’re harmful to phones because I want take a fedora wearing person’s phone and smash it on the ground.


I recently iStepped into the iWorld and got an iPhone. Yay me and conformity!

Conformity Dance.

It was a big deal for me and I can’t say I hate myself for it- the phone is pretty legit (don’t talk to Frankie about this concept though as Steve Jobs has selected my baby’s daddy to fuck with on an electronic basis).


Go into the depths of a cave like Gollum? That’s a little extreme.

I get a case! But who do I get a case from?

My friend Maki! Who is famous on this blog and apparently in the case world as well. I’m about to blow her shit up! (not literally, that would be financially stupid- cases cost money.)

I did sit here for a minute wondering how I take a pic of my case if it’s hugging my phone. I’m sharing brain cells with a fetus so I’m not at my sharpest level. Science.

And then I remembered the internet.

mycase 2THIS IS MY CASE!

I’m trying to add color into my life and I trusted the chevron stripes. Also, how many people can whip out their iPhone and be all, my friend made this case. (she can also make donuts and other things, keeper much?)

case 2


She created a Katniss (unbeknownst to her) themed case right after i snagged the colorful chevron one and I definitely volunteer as tribute for this sucker.

Here are some more neat ones! All from the brain of Maki! iPhone and Galaxy options for the droid lovers.

bunnies 2 polka 2

cross_my_heart_samsung_galaxy_s4_case-r6f9831efd0844145bec81c909aef72f6_wsdxa_8byvr_324 2 stripes 2

To check out her full repertoire, go here! And may the phone case odds be ever in your favor. (I can’t help the Hunger Games shit, don’t judge.)

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