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The Hardest Time You’ll Try Not To Judge Me.

August 23, 2013


Big News.

News surpassing the release of a certain album by a certain 4 men on September 24…news surpassing the impending release of my child into the world.




I’ve already watched three past vma performances and scrounged up albums on spotify since my hardcopies are sitting pretty in Texas. This is real, ya’ll.

And if it turns out the true rumor is just another rumor- You will find the sudden release of cleverly conceived pregnancy hormones released like the spawns of satan as I sob on my couch stuffing donuts AND cupcakes in my face.

In case that doesn’t reveal to you how intensely I love this band, here is a list of items in my life that I used to get that much closer to five boy band members:

1. Every damn album. But what’s that really? Nothing. Just wait.

2. Concert t-shirts…the best being a red “No String Attached” one that my mom ended up packing away before I wore holes in it…from excess wearage, get your mind out of the gutter.

3. A rare, UK only released album from their pre-pubescent beginnings which included a wonderful acapella version of “More Than A Feeling”.

4. A woven blanket depicting the No Strings Attached album cover.

5. THE Madison Square Garden concert DVD that I watched incessantly- I even managed to convince a few special ladies to learn dance moves with me and audition for our middle school choir show. Real, ya’ll.

6. The fact that I STILL STILL know every “ooooh” “yeaaah” “yuh” and all other background onomatopoeia that Justin and JC belted out in EVERY SONG ALIVE.

To say I’m excited for this reunion after how many damn years of nothing would be quite the understatement. I mean, look at that fucking list. I should be mortified, but obviously it just strengthens how I awesome I am.

My future child is going to think I am so cool. Yes.

In conclusion,

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  1. August 23, 2013 2:41 pm

    Humph and I thought this was about the Osmond Brothers…….

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