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I Was Just Wondering….

August 7, 2013


This was a thought I was provoked into when my lovely friend told me she had never seen a Gosling. Yes. It’s its own genre of film.

Apparently…she doesn’t care. She’s “not that into him” so to speak. Hmph.

I get that he’s a sexy mofo, he’s somehow mastered some weird grin that isn’t a grin at all, he can speak with his face and not his mouth- I get that he’s like…Ryan Gosling.

But he’s also wicked talented. I get two completely different lady boners for him (can i say that as an expecting mom? YES! Because it’s Ryan Gosling, dammit!).

Lady Boner #1- He’s Ryan Gosling.

Lady Boner #2- His acting skills are mad cray cray.

There’s really not much more I can do provoke her into watching a marathon of my own special porn, but what I can do is trick her into reading this blog with the title aforementioned. And then she’ll be forced into looking at this menagerie of Gosling Gifs that span his entire career.

Early Years….mad dance/acting skills realized.

He can make you believe he’ll really kill himself…and this isn’t giving any of the plot…away….

He can make you feel like filth…and you still want to be his friend/sex slave.

He can get real.

I mean….what isn’t mad acting about this?

He can be completely unsexy, trailer trash and yet….Yes, i’ll go get drunk and make love.

He is fine.

The grin that wasn’t.

He can be so many things. So many.

Um…have you danced with a dog so convincingly?

He can catch a gun in mid air. Can you catch a gun like an acting bad ass?

Sloth. And Gosling. Yep.

Mad. Acting. Skills.

‘Nuff said.


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  1. August 7, 2013 2:51 pm

    he just looks sleepy all the time. like he needs a nap.

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