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Night Into Morning Circus

April 24, 2013

Dudes. Cray. Cray.

I highly considered just typing that and posting some pics, but I realized since a camera isn’t a brain you won’t really get the whole effect of my 26th Buhearthday Circus extravaganza.

decorThis is all my decor puked out on the floor for inspiration.

birthday1balloonstentThat’s what it turned into!

revesMy theme was from the novel Night Circus, pulling from the black and white color palate and incorporating a tent like atmosphere with The Tent of Lit Reflection, the main tent pictured above, and the Tent of Floating Secrets (to gain entry one must tie a written secret to the balloons, they were read at the end of the night when everyone was too fucked up to remember, yay!!!).

birthday2For circus flavor I made Chocolate Mice, caramel apple bites, and honey mustard chicken nuggets! My bestest circus companion made pretzel dogs and glazed bacon popcorn! (and that booklet there? it’s a surprise my moma sent from a circus we went to as kids!)

tinyhatThat’s me in a tiny hat, hiding in the Lit Reflections. Given the blurriness and shit eating grin, I’m guessing Maki and I were already drunk.

rockI don’t think questioning sobriety in this picture is necessary. BUT ROCK ON RING MASTERS!

makiThis time Maki and I documented that we were in fact- drunk. This picture happened 3 times with neither one of us in proper frame. Tiny hat included.

tutuEven rosie caught the fever of freak shows and wore her tutu on her head! So silly!

secretsAnd in the end, once the last few hobbled from apartment at 5am, the secrets drifted to floor and the circus tent closed its doors.

I won’t be partying for a long time.

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