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Advertising for Life.

April 16, 2013

You turn your television on, aimed at watching the show you want while enduring endless ads for soap, COPD, sales and food. Some catch our attention, convince us into consumerism- others we mute or ignore or watch for quick entertainment. Whatever the case, we watch, we absorb.

So do we need to begin advertising for life? Advertise humanity, caring, community? Should we use the force of consumer messaging to seep the sense of mercy and compassion into the masses?

I know whoever attacked the marathon yesterday isn’t the masses. I get the idea that good outnumbers “bad”. But what I don’t get or believe is that we watch each other, we listen to our instincts and we act in compassion and concern. I don’t believe these people who render acts of pure hate and selfish violent desire walk this Earth without so much as a passing glance or suspicion from life it made contact with.

Community and concern. Community is not something that happens when our nation is thrown into a tailspin, that’s guilt fueled and helplessness. Community should be something used to prevent such acts, strangers watching stranger’s back for the sheer sake of safety and balance. This world is not about ourself, you are one individual placed beside many other individuals and it is each of our responsibility to care and be alert for those beside us. Why?

Well, don’t you want someone there with good intention? What about your child, do you want someone around him or her that cares for society and the safety of it? If you want it for yourself or the people you love, then you yourself are responsible for spreading it.

But how? Between the hours spent watching the Kardashians (of which I myself am guilty, I’m not one to throw stones) and the endless Youtube videos pitting teenagers against themselves and glorifying the blood spilled, between the barrage of texts while with friends while at the movies and minute by minute Facebook check ins…when would one have the time to contemplate and set forward the bettering of society?

They don’t, but they have empty brain space just waiting to be informed about Joe Fresh at Penneys, and orange juice, and new cell phones and healthy frozen meals that “just taste better”- the list is endless, consumers run rampant without having any clue you’re really influencing them at all.

So, advertising world- let’s take one spot displaying a happy family waving to their neighbors, no doubt a car commercial or insurance ad, and make it just about that. Be happy. Care about the people around you. If you see something, seriously- say something. Be involved, know your neighbors.

One person can’t be responsible for this kind of pain anymore, they don’t deserve the glory of killing our friends and loved ones. And if the idea is right- if we really do outnumber them- there should be no issue in killing them with kindness and community.

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