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Assimilation Elation

April 5, 2013

Scene: I’m walking, focused on my Fay Da iced coffee, when a flash of color caught my attention. I registered the “strip club sign” neon before completely comprehending the life form attached to it.

I was going to let my mind settle the vision of a 50’s something asian lady wearing skin tight, “strip club sign” neon spandex  as just another cooky kook known to run rampant in this god forsaken cement hellhole.

She was babbling about something, looking up to scaffolding and business signs- talking at them like they’d insulted her somehow- or at least…that’s what I thought.

But alas, the homeless person six feet behind her responded back in a crabby tone that suggested, not only that they knew each other, but that she was babbling to him and he wasn’t having it.

I couldn’t put the pieces together. The woman in neon spandex seemed completely not homeless, albeit definitely cray-cray. The homeless man seemed very homeless but of right mind. What the what?

And then, the answer struck me as so realistic I’d felt silly for not recognizing the signs immediately.

They were fucking aliens.

Think about it. If you were light years away, scoping out the round rock that is home to homo sapiens and taking notes on our culture…wouldn’t you come dress in neon and homeless like attire?

Allow me to make my case:


80's neon





I’m a little vaklempt, my extra-terrestrial life forms are all grown up!

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  1. April 6, 2013 9:23 pm

    i love you, you make me laugh

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