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DC: Disgustingly Cultured

March 27, 2013


Fore score and seven years ago- DC GOT CRAZAY!

Our founding fathers gave you the rights to go all out and believe me- DC takes full advantage.

Betsy Ross must have used up all the fabric in The District for our great flag because those ladies were practically naked.

Should I keep going?

Paul Revere could do nothing to alert Frankie and I about the stampede of red stilettos clomping up 18th Street.

Freedoms were taking to new heights as trashed girls explored the monuments of guys on the dance floor.

Okay, I’m done.

We went to DC! Allow me to describe our trip through Haiku.


Blessed by silver ghost

This trip is already great

Frankie has farted.


My fear was tested

Whales are dinosaurs of sea

I don’t speak whale yet.



DC means business

Bullet holes are loud warnings

Keep your bones in check.


The White House far back

Homeless man shares longing eyes

Rented bikes can kill.


Only the best ‘Bams

Ginkgo Biloba for you

Liked this more than house.


History in stone

Phallic doesn’t begin to

Describe massive length.


Duck ponders life here

Lincoln’s best friend in the pool

Fore-score reflection.


A night out is nice

Theatrics happen at night

Booth is an asshole.


Booth tries to flee here

I walk his murderer steps

Ford Theatre back entrance.


Grateful for this time

Pain and blood built this country

History repeats.

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