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Start Your Odors!

March 18, 2013

Dudes. One word. After those two. That then turned into 3 more…


I know I’ve ranted about this place on Facebook but after a weekend of adapting to the new scents implementing themselves in my being, I can finally say-

I found my smelf. (not to be confused with Old Spice’s genius advertising.)

I’ve never been more into myself. Which isn’t as narcissistic as it sounds.

First, let me introduce the place. Lush, maker of natural cosmetics and bath products in weird forms. I’m washing my hair with a solid, I’m putting perfume on in stick form, I’m spraying an entire mint forest over my body with one spritz (that may or may not have almost asphyxiated Frankie and I this weekend on a “test spritz”.) It’s like that room in Mary Poppins where the chairs are in the air and everything is backwards…wait…is that Mary Poppins? Cough.


Wanna know what I broke the bank with?


Perfume. That looks like lipstick. That goes on like buttah! Don’t let this lil stump of scent fool you- it packs a punch like a cupcake to the face! Dab it on the wrist, maybe a little suh-in suh-in between the girls and you’re set.


This unassuming bottle is what quite possibly almost killed us the other night…out of love? I can’t stress this enough with Lush, they don’t play around with scent. That one spritz traveled through our apartment like the bubonic plague and posies did nothing to take the sweet stench of spearmint away. BUT- in a controlled environment a TINY sneeze of it on top of that vanilla stick is like sticking your face in the armpit of an angel.


That’s shampoo. Shall I lather, rince, repeat that? It’s shampoo. A shampoo that embodies the soft scent of the ocean and takes me far away to a body of water that doesn’t terrify the fuck out of me, no whales live in these hairy depths of ocean shower fantasies.


No, that’s not sand and dirt from the ocean shower fantasy I’ve just created. That’s face wash! I know, right?!? It takes a few tries of creating paste in the shower and smothering your face with it to get the idea of this natural substance, but the smell, OH FOR THE LOVE OF ANGELS, the smell! And my face feels awesome. Go exfoliate yourself, Proactive.


From head to toe, I was taken care of at Lush. This little diddy of a foot scrub fizzles like alki-seltzer and plop-plop, fizz-fizz OH what a footlief it is! Cough. The main odor infused is lemongrass leaving my feetsies, in the words of Tasmanian Devil, “Lemony freeeesh.”

If you don’t mind the olfactory assault of walking in the door, Lush is a need to go errand. If you can’t close your nose off and focus on the individual scents, their online store will suffice. And if you feel the pull of guilt at spending a little more money on yourself when you have bath products at home, Lush knows their carbon footprint size and welcomes you to support their recycled plastics, compost made packaging and no chemicals whatsoever world. It’s totally worth it, inside and out!

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  1. March 19, 2013 7:55 pm

    we love love love lush :0) the shampoo is awesome. the deordorant has lasted me a year!

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