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I Was Just Wondering..

February 21, 2013

When did a group of people decide we were evolved enough to share bathroom space?

And when did evolution dictate that as a superior being we should be able to relieve ourselves with someone else separated by a sheet of aluminum?

I’m not sure if men have this problem but I’m sick of the antics. The rolling toilet paper to cover up indecent actions that shouldn’t be subjected to someone else’s judging, we’ve all seen the book title “Everyone Poops”. The coughs, the priming of your invisibility skills, the sitting on porcelain for endless minutes cursing every soul that walks through the door and wishing them harm if they don’t get their stuff over with.


It’s absurd. We shouldn’t have to deal with this. There are so many daily distractions that it isn’t ridiculous to have a private space for private times. I get stressed in there. I can’t put my body on a clock, if it wants to do something who am I to say, “Socially, I don’t feel like subjecting myself to bowel embarrassment.” I also don’t feel particular nice hating the innocent souls who come to check their hair and cleavage- but by God, don’t you see my feet in here? And don’t you know it doesn’t take this long to pee and that something else is in the works? JUST LEAVE!

All I’m saying is this- we could take up the same space as the collective bathroom but have our own little spaces to sit privately without feeling left in the open. Put a few extra vents and some enclosed stalls and you’ve got yourself one happy potty person.

I was just wondering…why can’t we pee alone?

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