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I Can Has Style: Grammy’s 2013!!!!

February 11, 2013

For the love all side boob, the Grammy’s were on last night!

This was probably the first time in about 10 years I gave a shit about the Grammy’s, people that were worth a shit were nominated for a Grammy, and I had the evening to actually watch the Grammy’s. AND WHAT A YEAR TO WATCH!

I came to realize, after all the dress code drama, what CBS was doing- They had no interest in dictating ass flesh or side boob, they were daring you to get freaky. And Freaky Lovely is what most of them came up with. To be honest, I had many jaw drop moments…for good things. Not things like this:


So! Let’s yank off the tit-tape and get this thing a goin’:

Flowy went with the flow this year, picking some of the best celebodies to willow themselves over.


Tay-Tay rocked it out with her white flow (the dress, not her caucasian tendencies) last night, taking grecian braids and strappy sandals as her best accessories.


Rihanna, while annoying in her recent career, slapped me silly (bad pun?) with this red number. Holy crap, this almost got my best dressed. It’s gorgeous, softening up the recently hard-edged Rihanna with some well to do grace. And as Frankie so lovingly put it, “Look, you see almost whole boob.”  Sigh.

A lot of people went with the heart line solid bodice with sheer overlay, and while I saw a handful of great examples, all the style articles didn’t think it necessary to add….and it could be that Kelly Rowling may have knocked them all down like bowling pins in stilettos:



A handful of interesting gown choices popped up on the carpet but to my surprise I wasn’t gagging!


Florence stunned in a shimmering emerald gown, and the dinosaurs used to create it were fair trade…or so I heard.


As someone whose recently been introduced to the awesomeness that projection mapping is, I was THRILLED when Carrie’s dress came to life. I think I may have squealed in delight. She was pure artwork, her voice pitch perfect for a picture perfect performance. BRAVAH!

And while we’re on the topic of awesome, our little Country star stunned in my favorite Classic piece of the night:


Just effing gorgeous. For someone I rarely pay mind to in terms of music, she had my undivided attention for the night.

And now for the bestest of them all: BEST DRESSED!

But allow me to switch this up, these are my best dressed in awesomeness- not necessarily accouterments.


Jack White



The Black (mothereffing) Keys. And Grammy winners at THAT.

That’s what I call style.

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