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Ignore Housewives: Be Afraid of Girls.

February 6, 2013

I caught whiffs of this chatter last year when the HBO series “Girls” slapped floral rompers and headbands without jobs on cable tv. But I thought they’d be like farts on the subway, you definitely catch something not quite right but before you realize its origin, the odor is gone.


But no- back for its second season and people are STILL trying to tell everyone why Girl’s is bad for society.

All right, let me start with my first and biggest objection to Episode 3, which contained some of my least favorite “Girls” moments ever. In that installment, Marnie (Allison Williams) was locked in a box by Booth Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) and the show treated that as not a big deal, kind of amusing, proof that Booth is an eccentric weirdo, proof that he’s a good artist and something that will make for a funny anecdote down the road.

This is what caught your eye in the bevy of channels you flip through? An exhibition, albeit terrifying, piece in a fictional show about the hipsters who will rule the unemployment market- is what ruffled your feathers? Are you somehow implying that if Booth was not a made up character on an HBO show, he would be a serial rapist to be feared by women everywhere? Also… have you never been locked in an art piece? It’s 2013.

But this, this is only the beginning- the pre thought to the odor seeping from people’s mindbutts.

When discussing “Girls,” it’s incredibly easy to fall down the rabbit hole of trying to make a distinction between what the show depicts and what it endorses.

Endorses? ENDORSES? Isn’t this creepily similar to Judas Priest court sessions? The show does not ENDORSE anything unless you count the Chanel bag I catch every few episodes. Stop trying make ‘fetch’ happen…..Sorry, that was the only way i could articulate my thoughts on critics making more of something so simple. Or so fake.

And this lunacy is just the last month. Last year there was talk ranging from “the new racists” to “parents, save your children!”….guess what, loving parents? THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN.


I don’t like the people portrayed in the show but what I do like is the fact that because this show is fake, that’s 5 less hipsters free on the streets, brushing you with their elitist oily hair.

Critics- these girls are only portraying the REAL girls who have made this type of reputation so common HBO can run a show on it. If you’re worried about endorsing and artistically abusive boyfriends, go to Williamsburg.

The actual issue on TV.

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