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Bowls of Balls: Super Bowl 2013 Extravaganza!

February 4, 2013

HOT DIGGITY DOG AND BALLS! I watched football last night.

And I think I enjoyed it. Maybe it was the tequila, maybe my group of amazing friends, maybe it was that hot ass QB on the losing side….maybe it was all the fried food.

Regardless, there were moments of sheer awesomeness that I will now share with you.



Nuff said.



Empanada…before it met its delicious demise in a pot of oil.


If you’re wondering whether or not this is a bowl full of velveeta with sausage and ground chicken in it…it’s not. Cough.


You might not have the ability to decipher what’s on this plate as it’s in my native tongue, allow me to interpret: Deep fried empanada covered in sour cream and queso, my slow cooked BBQ pork, and a thrice baked potato skin. Boom.


I made these cheesecakes bite sized so that when we eat 80 of them it doesn’t feel as bad.


This is Philip who took out his pre-Beyonce excited aggression on this innocent potato sacrifice.



And the right message. Keep it clean!


It started with boring old football and expanded into awesomeness. God or Satan or Beyonce, it’s still up for scientific deciphering, intervened at some point with a power outage and threw the Ravens for a curve. San Fran tried to get all up in their tail feathers but a bird beats a number any day- and last night was no exception.

I’d decided to cheer on the Ravens once I mentally made the Edgar Allen Poe connected and they did not disappoint. Through queso filled lips I laughed at football jargon and “yayed’ when it looked like the Ravens did something right…which was like, a lot. Because they’re winners. I was a real fan last night, footballs all around the world would be proud.

Oh…football is just in America? Um…Balls around the world would be proud?

Interception? And 2 point passes?

At the end of the day the only that matters is this: CAW! I’m (i mean them) a winner! CAW!


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