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I Was Just Wondering…

January 31, 2013

Am I the only one that registers temperature?

I’m not totally thrilled about riding the coattails of Global Warming but it is what it is and while I’d like to hope we’re all making our carbon footprints a little less “Sasquatch” and a little more “bunny rabbit”, it’s gonna take some time to reverse our poisonous gluttony of living.

BUT…while we’re watching glaciers melt and putting away our winter coats in the middle of January in New York for a 60 degree day- can you, New Yorkers, spare my ears from hearing:

“It’s like spring outside!”


No. It’s not “like spring” outside. It’s fucking January. It is like Global Warming outside. It is like “seasons from hell” outside. Spring? Lovely pre blossoms, 70 degree days with a gentle breeze? Skirts and flats with no hose? NO! I DON’T SEE ANY OF THOSE! Why?

Because it’s not like spring outside. It’s actually exactly like 57degrees outside in January. And this happiness you have because you selfishly have this “lovely” day and who cares why it’s warm weather in the crux of NY winter- yeah, go eff yourself.

It’s like spring outside….idiots.

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