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Because Rosie and Taylor Swift Are The Same Thing.

January 10, 2013

So, I’ve been in migraine misery for 3 days and finally I’ve somewhat stepped from the fog and with it I’ve brought a story.

I’m not sleeping right at all, it’s not cool and for someone with routine migraines any shift in pattern is a bad idea. So no sleep is no good. Cut to last night and I’m finally sleeping somewhat normal, waking up twice instead of every 2 hours.

With that sleep came a dream so strange….and yet so simple. I was compelled to share.

It made sense that in my long awaited rest I would dream of resting. And there, in a dream dark, warm bed was my Rosie curled up next to me. Soft, toasty, sleeping so soundly. I tried to nudge her awake, tell her it was time to get up but she answered with a paw to the face- the universal dog gesture for “get out of my fucking face and stop talking to me like I’m a human”. It was too cute. When I try to get up she crawls on my midsection, her 18lbs saying “Noooooo” and who am I to resist? I look to the clock for a second and glance back at Rosie to find she has morphed into Taylor Swift.

Yes. Taylor Swift.

Her bangs were perfect, her eyes in all their lovely slitty glory, her smile so precisely awkward and reassuring.

taylor 2equal 2rosie 2

So I thought about this. Obviously having a dream in which your adorable dog turns into an adorable pop star means something. But what exactly?

Here are my theories:

1. Much like humans have “Spirit Animals”, do dogs have “Spirit Humans”? If so, is it fair to assume Rosie’s spirit human is Taylor Swift who visited me in my bed?

2. Do I associate Taylor Swift with a warm, soft dog that I rescued from a shelter nine years ago?

3. Does Taylor Swift associate herself as puppy adorable and did she dream of turning into a dog last night?

4. Do I need more sleep?

These are all very serious possibilities but I guess we’ll never know. If Pixar releases a movie in which Taylor Swift does voice over for a dog- we all know who prophetically documented it. Sort of. Cough.

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