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I Was Just Wondering…

November 29, 2012

How is it I live in a city that strangers know more about my daily schedule than say…someone I’m living with?

I’ve started seeing repeats on the train and  in the delis I grab my breakfast. I know that one guy, even when it wasn’t cold, wore a black knit cap and he kinda looks like the Zach Brown dude. He’s married. The Train Zach Brown, not the real one…although he might be, too. Cough. This same guy also knows what I eat a few mornings out of the week and I know what he eats, a toasted blueberry muffin. I know this woman with short curly hair, mid 50’s, obviously going through menopause. I’ve tracked the exact stops she begins to melt and while once I wrote about her in regards to moving out of the vent’s way so she could look somewhat un-candle-melting when she persisted to break down so I moved back to dry my upper lip sweat. I know this Polish young something who travels with, who I think, is her mother or something…otherwise, why is she traveling with a 60 year old woman everyday? The woman is dressed business casual and the young something is dressed like she’s going to a club where she might have a budget meeting.

But Erika, you keep saying “I know” like you actually know them.

Well, sure. Do we not sign onto a website everyday and turn voyeur as we watch “friends” lives? Most of which you haven’t seen (in real life), spoken to (in real life) or ever really got along (in real life) in effing years. But the people on the train? Without a status, without perfectly posed pictures, without me ever saying one word to them- they know the book I read, the shoes I prefer, the bag I tote, how I take my coffee and what I eat for breakfast.

Do you know your 657 friends that well?

I was just wondering, have we met before?

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  1. November 29, 2012 11:18 am

    Very odd how daily lives intermingle but yet not really.

    • November 29, 2012 11:19 am

      Right? The thought hit me like a ton of bricks this morning.

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