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I Can Has Style.

November 27, 2012

Oh, traveling. Isn’t it glamorous? The dressing up, the cigarettes, the sexy stewardess slipping you an extra vodka bottle…I could travel everyday…IF IT WERE STILL AWESOME.

But alas, it is not. It’s depressing, stressful, wallet raping, eye twitching, mind numbingly horrible. And while I’d love to take a blog trip back in time and talk tweed blazers and acceptable sexism, it would benefit my lovely weirdos more to know the Travel Style of today.

The most important style accessorie is this:

But filled with this:

Ok, so jewelry is out of the way. And as long as it’s around your neck you don’t have to worry about TSA workers going through their goody bags of people’s belongings and taking your valuables.

If you’re like me you will shove the strangest things into a carry on. On any given travel day you will find the following items: Kindle, socks, note pad, homemade bark, cookies, brownies, gum, advil, advil pm, computer, phone, phone charger, a rogue paperclip, and other miscellaneous items I don’t remember putting in my bag. And this is just my personal carry on, I check a bag as well. Let’s look at some good options for both and pack up our insanity caused by TSA.

For the hard traveler.

For the traveler on a roll.

And lastly, for the lil ‘ol traveler.

As for clothing, obviously my suggestion would be to go naked. You’ll whizz through security, nobody will touch you, you won’t have to take off your shoes. But should prefer clothes, for girls:

I don’t know her…but she’s got the right idea. (Is it weird I feel weird putting someone’s personal pic? I mean…it was in google images….I feel creepy.)

And for the Fellas?

Just turn into this guy and all will be well.

So there you go, this is travel style of today: valium, leggings and roomy sweater, Ryan Gosling. Boom.

Still feeling creepy about that girl above…

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