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When One Stall Closes…

November 21, 2012

For the love of all that is holy, can I please turn my brain off?

I was a shitty mess yesterday thanks to a strange accumulation of conversation and contact. I’ll give you a few examples before exposing the worst of the lot.

3. I sang a version of Sweet Home Alabama to a new hire when he told me he was going home to sweet Chicago. I’ve “known” this person for less than 24hrs. He walked away with speedy efficiency.

2. Told the doorman, on a Tuesday, to have a good weekend- loudly and proudly.

And now for one…oh numero one….

1. In haste to leave at a reasonable time last night, I ran to the ladies room and proceeded to relieve myself so that a Bubble Tea would be accepted in my near future. I would say I was probably mid stream when I noticed the stall door wide open. With a shriek and personal scolding I slapped the door shut and proceeded to laugh hysterically in my stall. All alone.

I’m never certain what my reputation within this company is, but had anyone seen my pasty white thighs peeking from a stall OR heard my maniacal laughing from the depths of the stall without reference to the aforementioned… I can conjure a pretty good idea.


Stop by YMWIK Facebook this holiday for baking pictures and some possible hip action from the visiting seester. 

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