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November 20, 2012

We are at the time in season where one doesn’t want a cup of something, but a plate of it. And another. And another. And if the green bean casserole was particularly amazing, another.

So instead of bringing you gluttonous bastards a cup…I’ve brought a WHOLE TABLE.

LOOK AT IT! Isn’t it neat???

Clean tablecloth, perfectly browned turkey, weird pink things, white fluff, and whole potatoes to go with the whole pumpkin that is on everyones table come Thanksgiving.

To be honest, I have no idea how this tastes, but I imagine it to be similar to Violet’s experience on Willy Wonka minus the blueberry pie, add whole pumpkin.

So, my turkey gobblers, you can have it in a cup or you can have it on a table. Or can have it IN a cup while ON a table. While also reading Dr. Seuss.

Have a wonderful cake filled Turkey Day, I’ll make sure to bother you over the holiday with pictures of my food. And since I’m the one you’re reading, I’ll be willing to bet my food is way more awesome. Cough.

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