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I Was Just Wondering…

November 19, 2012

What the bleeding blood do you want from meeeeeeee?

I am failing. I am trying to play a game I am not experienced in, I am kicking a soccer ball up at a basketball hoop- and I get it. But just answer me this one tiny question:

Have I truly ruined your morning by offering the seat to you,  you with the high high heels and way too many bags (one of which holds an accountant calculator so by default your life is worse), of which you slash a hand out at me with eyes so annoyed it’s as if I kicked your grandma?

We were equals. We were both weighed down with Monday baggage, not to mention our purses and computer bags, swaying limply on the too packed train as we attempt to look up at our eyelashes trying to remember if we put mascara on. But then, I gently offer you the first cleared seat in our area and you crush the illusion I commuted under. We are not equals, you far exceed my simpleness with the brash block to my manners. You are above me……because I will eventually sit with my face to your waist and you will literally be above me looking down.

Of course, had I not offered the seat to her and plopped my tired-short weeks are always longer than normal ones-ass down on the bench she’d have been cursing me and mentally plotting my demise for 4 stops.

I was just wondering, isn’t it awesome I got to sit down this morning?

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