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I Can Has Style.

November 6, 2012

For this segment of I Can Has Style I’ve decided to get real, ladies- PMStyle!

Oh yes, you read that right. And we allllll know there are special items on hold for that stupid week we must plaster smiles on our troll faces to get through all the other people not having their abdomens ripped to shreds.

Just go with the flow, guys. *maniacal pun grin*

TIGHTS! HOSE! NYLONS! Whatever you call them, I think we can all agree they are a life saver when bloating sets in. Not only do they help when you feel as if someone placed a bowling ball in your stomach, but when you sit down you can relax without a waistband trying to grope your ovaries.

They don’t describe these frocks as flowy for no reason. When that time comes we want nothing more than to hide in sweats and tshirts, but when you have a “job” you can’t do that- which is why they’ve adapted the MuMu into something wearable in public!

But Erika, you can’t WEAR donuts. No, you can’t. But consider them accessories! Not only must we deal with bodily things during a woman’s curse, but we have to deal with the public as well. And donuts, they calm us. They help us think clearly. They help us not to murder every single one of you not gestating an alien.

I feel it needs mentioning I’m partaking in each of these items today.

And really, if we’re forced to put on clothes and has style, I can has style.

*************While fashion is fun, here in New York most people lost closet loads of clothes. Please open your hearts and find the nearest donation center for Sandy Relief, it’s getting cold here and people need our help. 

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