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October 23, 2012

Who needs money anyways?

In a daunting and realistic article on the saving account’s of Americans, polls show that 41% of occupants on the revered North American continent only have $500 stored away for emergencies.

Got five Benjamin Franklins stored under the mattress? You’re doing pretty good then.

Nearly half of Americans don’t have more than $500 saved up, according to a recent study by, a credit card comparison company. Of the roughly 1,100 Americans polled, 41 percent reported having less than half a grand of readily-accessible savings at hand.

Did you gasp and clutch your collar bone while drawing your shirt collar closer to your neck? Did you just wake up after a decade of coma-ness?

I find it hilariously disturbing to think of all the kids that raised, or are in the process of raising, themselves while single mothers or double income families barely totaling one normal income struggle to feed kids and support their families…in the same boat as those college grads, grasping their diplomas with the fervor one uses to grip the armrest of your plane quickly plummeting, who are bringing home the same worthless pay thanks to years of “responsible” debt they’re suffocating under.

Money, or the lack there of, is no longer a caste issue. It’s an American issue.

And in the gallows of campaign season, why not look at it that way? I’m 25 and already see an issue with my salary, in terms of the longterm. If I was so busy catching up, and not knowing what I deserve as an employee, to realize I was being royally fucked- who knows where I’d be in another ten years. And I don’t have kids. Or high tuition debt. And I definitely don’t have even $500 saved up.

That lack of savings means most Americans have little in the way of a backup plan when things get tough. Indeed, over two thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, a survey by the American Payroll Association found last month.

Ouch, everyone feel that burn? THE BURN OF LIFE! Paycheck to paycheck, ya’ll. That’s real. I looked up some stats and found that 34% of Americans hold college degrees, I would love to check the numbers of that percent to find how many of those people have a generous savings account.

This post is not intended to talk politics, the people in this 41%, I believe, range on a spectrum of life choices and life fuckeries- since I’m one of them, I feel okay to say that. I don’t think a President can fix this, I don’t think men/women who make more in one year than my accumulated family’s worth for saying ‘yay or neigh” can fix this…but I do think you can fix it.

Yes there is fuckery, as long as you acknowledge that fuckery and make sure you don’t fall for the same shit again- you’ve learned. But for those of you who don’t know your worth, who are manipulated by their employers- You are worth something, or they wouldn’t have hired you. They want to treat you like an idiot? Why would they hire an idiot to do company work? The jokes on them and you owe it to your family, or future family, to realize this and correct the bad cycle American employers are famous for.

And while I know it’s dangerous to go there, I have to, because it can be an issue: Those on welfare or unemployment, no- those abusing welfare or unemployment- for shame. And I know you know what’s considered abusing, I’m not afraid to hurt your feelings because you give something labeled “help” a bad, baaaaad name. You owe it to yourself and your community (in 2012 this term is like latin, so just look it up if you’re confused) to know your worth and make moves to support yourself. I know there are a lot of things out there to face, things I couldn’t understand in this lifetime, I get that…but you need to do good by you.

These numbers don’t need to change because I “care about this country”, I’m not a politician. I care about the people in this country, because they are the ones I come into contact with daily..they are the ones my kids will befriend, work with, and grow with. They are my neighbors and the strangers I mingle with in this packed tight city. And I find pride in knowing they are trying to be their best, whether the hand they’re playing was dealt by them or bad luck.

It’s not wrong to be lumped into this wide range of people, I am definitely not ashamed. But it’s also not wrong to stand up and figure out how you can change it. And I really hope you can change it, we all deserve to breathe deep and feel proud.

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