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I Can Has Style.

October 18, 2012

There was a time long ago when exposing one’s ankle was a cardinal sin, punishable by a scarlet “A” to represent the crime….That’s what that Hawthorne book was about, right?

But now, millions of years in the future, we confuse those Protestants with a reversal- Show everything but the ankle.


I’ve always been confused about these half boots and who can wear what, so today we dive into the Ankle Boot Theory. For the short or tall, low ankle or calf level, we’ll get everyone into their perfect ankle boot buddy.

I was surprised to find a lot of different styles, some unique and some I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, but it gave me hope that one day I, too, could adorn my feetsies with ankle goodness.

These Katniss inspired kicks will give that “I’ll make you bite the curb or Capitol” look that so many pre-teens with no upper body strength aspire to have. Whether wedged over a pair of skinny jeans or slipped on with tights, these boots wil bad-ass any outfit. Shorties, be careful of this style- it cuts your leg at a line that shortens you more.

But these, shorties go on ahead! A V line either straight or to the side helps keep the length to your leg. And with these Dangerous Liaison booties, you could pull off petticoats and Christmas carols or a flowy skirt and tights. Your call.

These suckers are for the Amazons out there. A relaxed style ankle boot with a low, to no, heel so you can keep your God given height in jeans or skirts alike.

I feel like these are a little tricky, but the wedge is a nice change for the ankle persuasion and with super skinny jeans you keep the straight length of your leg without a weird cut off. And i’m pretty sure lady spies where these, it has that New Spy smell.

So there you have it, Erika pounding the pavement in the unknown, and previously untrusted, land of the ankle boots. Now I  just have to buy a pair….

If you dig these shortened shit kickers check out more I Can Has Style in my archives or Facebook page! I’ll slap you with sarcastic knowledge to dress any lacking closet. 

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