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Ladies Who Lunch.

October 12, 2012

As a lady, I value the ritual of cleaning my home and fixin’ up some gourmet snacks for my lady friends as we drink Manhattans and talk about the bad apple kids of our neighborhood.

Oh, sorry- that was my past life talking. Isn’t she such a lady? Today I’ve invited my soul from the 50’s to discuss her views on home living and social needs with items from the Etsy shop, Honey Stop The Car!

In the 50’s, every day started with a morning.

I descend the stairs in my nightgown, hair in curlers and wrapped with a fashionable head scarf. The ladies will arrive early afternoon, so I have the morning to freshen up my home and self. Coffee goes on before the husband awakens, he loves finding his wife in the kitchen- it’s where we belong! Ha, i’m only being silly. But seriously…

Coffee is ready, the aromas (and my shrill shriek) wafting towards the upstairs brought my glorious husband down where his paper awaits. I get my peck on the cheek, his nice way of telling me to leave him be and go do woman things.

Woman things!

After taking out the curlers, dabbing rouge on my cheeks and sweeping my hair into a relaxed chignon- I am ready to dress. All the girls cluck about this lil number, and oh how I love to smell inferiority over tea cakes and gossip.

Once the ladies arrive, we spread our skirts over the chaise lounge as I soak up compliments on my new linens…

Serving platter….

And tea trays.

We talk of the dirty children, dirty women, and of our successful fundraiser for the local Baptist Ministry. Molly mentions the weight gain of Martha, who just left the room, so I cram two tea cakes in my mouth for her health. If they aren’t there, she can’t eat them! We cackle but quiet down once Martha re-enters. I compliment her skirt pattern.

Sigh, a day in the life of me is glamorous- I know. But should you feel compelled to try and live like me, please visit Honey Stop The Car.  And apparently there is this thing called, Facebook- my face isn’t on it, and I don’t trust the box it sits in but in the case you know what this is, visit

Thanks kindly for allowing me to visit this…blog, is it?

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  1. October 12, 2012 1:04 pm

    Love it Sissy

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