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I Can Has Style.

October 10, 2012

In an age where this woman is considered “Plus Size”, I’m glad to report on the fashions of a woman who doesn’t becomes a zipper when she turns sideways with her tongue out.


I’m in love with this girl, not only in immense talent but in beauty. She represents the every-girl in terms of body type and demonstrates how to show those healthy curves off while keeping herself a tad awkward. Not to mention, she’s the Girl on Fire. That’s when you know it’s real.

Before we dig in though, I want to make clear that it’s not all about the body. I hate that I have to state why I love this girl, but it’s true- in a time where size 2 is considered ideal, those of us who could never be that size healthily feel as if we don’t add up. It just is what it is. I constantly strive to feel right about the body I was given, and while I don’t feel fat or gross or unhealthy, I still don’t feel like I fit in with what is considered hot. And it’s girls like Jennifer Lawrence that help me.

On the heels of a new Dior campaign, this red carpet cocktail dress shows off her sophisticated sex appeal. It says, I may have just volunteered for tribute but this dress makes you the hungry one (worry, there are more puns to come). I always try to find the dress that cinches me in the smallest of my waist, of which this does, and the print helps to camouflage her tig ol bitties- something that’s not always so easy.

This is the opposite of hiding those bouncy Jen’s. But such is the wardrobe life of us hefty chesters, if you can’t hide them- show ’em. I’m not always one for snake print, but the fabric is soft which helps to soften the print; there’s the subtle belt once again hugging the small of her ribs with a nice straight skirt to hug her hip hipness. When it comes to hips and tits, print and black are kinda like your Peeta’s- they are there to make you look your best even if you aren’t convinced he really loves you. I mean…the print..really…loves you. Cough.

Nothing says Erika like a red printed A-line dress. I could snatch it right off her body, like a much needed bow and arrow attached to a bloated, green pus filled dead girl….was that too much? Look at the dress then and you’ll feel better.

These are the type of clothes cues I can use towards work. We’re both victims of man-shoulders and bubbies, which don’t always aid in wearing certain types of sleeveless well- but here? She nails it with the fitted black skirt sitting under a textured top with sleeves that stop at the round of the shoulder in a color block to draw you up and over.

Va-Va-Voom! Sssshhhhh, don’t speak…just admire.

And in true every-girl (on fire) fashion, I end with a relaxed jean, fitted top and flippy floppies. No make up, hair done her way and a bright smile on that Arena tanned face. I’d be happy too if I got to go back to my district. I mean..hotel room…

If Jennifer Lawrence can has style, I can definitely has style.

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