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October 5, 2012

Tis the season to drink your cupcakes and eat your eggnog, it makes family fights totally entertaining or forgetful by the next morn while you nurse your confection rejection.

So what do I have in store for the turn of Autumn when women store fat like bears before hibernation? Fat of course! But don’t worry, there’s rum in it so you won’t feel so bad…or remember.


Eggnog cupcakes with Spice Rum Buttercream. And if you’re 4-5 cupcakes in, Eggnicuppers wiff Sprice Rummercream. Mmmmmmm.

Sometimes, while in the throws of dodging not so subtle hints about your waist line or trying to make your life sound more exciting than it is to cousins you see every leap year, you don’t have time to down adequate drinks and sneak sugary treats….You may have to inebriate two birds with one cupcake. KnowhaImean?

Now that I’m somewhat allowed to use my oven again thanks to the decreasing sweat weather, I think I need to try this recipe. I love this site, but sometimes her work is unbelievably lovely that I spook and save the recipes to look at when I’m feeling down. And then I drink the rum that should go in the cupcakes. Then I eat the batter before it goes in the cups. Cough. I mean… this one looks so wonderfully easy, like the bun that girl in the office does that you can’t maneuver to save your life…only I can maneuver this…am I making sense? *Sets rum cupcake aside* *picks it back up and licks frosting*

*stares at cupcake*

So this season, I will attempt a Bakers Royale confection and report back if I’m not too drunk. I mean…full…..

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