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They Bee Commuting.

October 2, 2012

Groggy from being too creatively awesome yesterday with a morning headache to boot, my Tuesday did not start all that excitingly.

But I board my train, happy to see the end of the car with the a/c vents was vacant. I settle in and feel a tickle at my ear- you know how hair can be. But what’s this? A MOTHERFUCKING BEE? This isn’t NATURE! It’s the MTA!

I’m terrified of these creatures because I’ve never been stung, so I can only imagine it feels like a sword going into your abdomen. And I’m pretty sure I”m right….cough….

So anyways, I stared horrified watching the bee like it’s my arch-nemesis and we’re heading for a tete a tete. I keep thinking, how? why? Bees are in the tunnels? And then I realize, us humans are the fools! We’ve been sooo scared about the demise of bees when they’ve really just been adapting to the human’s lifestyle. Commuting to work, enjoying a cup of joe before the grind, grabbing a bite at the food truck…living the ultimate life of “If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.”

This particular commuter got off at Court Street in Long Island City, which leads to me to beelieve he’s in finance or mayhap a local Bee Union nearby. Whatever the case, he had no intentions of committing suicide by attacking me, he just needed to get where he was going.

So if you happen to see a bee perusing the jeans sale at Gap or buzzing around your copy of Page Six don’t get your stinger in a wad, we’ve ruined their lives so I’m pretty sure you can share your donut to pay it forward.

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