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The Worst Gag(a) Reflex.

September 28, 2012

What fucking assholes.

I’d been hearing gossip about Gaga’s apparent weight gain, and by weight I mean- eating like a normal person and still being under a size 4.  While I try to ignore media’s obsession with calling celebrities out when they’re lessening their lives to be somewhat common (if you ignore the designers labels, constant stylist, millions of dollars, paparazzi trails, etc) this bit of chirping wouldn’t stop twitting about the the place- so I caved. I went to see the obeast that is now Lady Gaga.

And you’re all fucking assholes.

I don’t think it needs to be said, but why don’t you take a looksee to your right and left in the morning….did you find yourself sitting next to a model? Or did you, mayhap, lay your eyes upon the woman wearing too-tight khakis that just cover the flaps of flesh squeezed from her sandals and a blouse that canvases the massive midsection of today’s middle age woman? And to your left? The man who long ago stopped buttoning the blazer of his black business suit, black is only slimming for so long, so that his gut stretching the seams of his button-up can relax a little.

The percentages of overweight/obese Americans are downright shameful: 68.8% of adults in the US are overweight or obese, 35.7% are actually obese. Don’t even get me started on the numbers for toddlers that are overweight. 

But then it made sense to me, once I took a deep breath to control the blinding rage of how reckless people are with their own image and health: You, fat ass American, are the majority now…so you, fat ass American, rule what is popular in the media. So of course, you would attack the girl the size of something you can’t even remember yourself being. Of course you would focus on the person actually PREACHING that everyone is beautiful and cut her down for being the size of your thigh. Why don’t you take the hour you watch TMZ, put that donut and 40oz Diet Coke to the side, AND GO FOR A WALK!

Why don’t you stop judging someone who spends more time at a gym than you do avoiding fruit; who dances around the stage 5 days a week in sky high heels faster than you walk to the fridge… Why don’t you quite literally pick on someone your own size, there are 35.7% of you.

I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad, but if you can spend any amount of time trashing this woman whose records you buy- you don’t deserve my good graces, my words of encouragement.

Show me you care about yourself, and maybe I’ll find it in my heart to care about you.

Warped Image of Thin

Warped Image of Fat

America. For Real Ya’ll.

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