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If The Whig Fits…

September 27, 2012

I know I bombarded you with all my glorious awesomeness last week, what with my rock’n roll show and all. But weirdos….something amazing has happened. The Gods of All That is Rock blessed me this week by putting me in direct contact with none other than THE WHIGS!


That above, right there in all caps, is why I had to wait a few days to pen this musical masterpiece. I DIDN’T THINK YOU’D WANT A POST ALL IN CAPS.

I’m still not sure this happened. Sure, I have pics- that’s my boss’ head at center bottom…but…I mean, I can believe this happened right? This is evidence?

I swear, I pride myself on being cool but these guys made my mature 25 into a shitty mess of a 13 year old tween. At one point I even looked to the singer, Parker, and said “I’m normally way cooler than this.”

I know they said things to me, I know we shook hands and they played a few new songs from the new album Enjoy the Company…I know these things. But really, if you’ve waited a few good years to see these boys live and then you do and then A WEEK LATER they just show up at your job…I’m pretty sure you’d draw blood pinching yourself. *slowly pulls down sleeve*

Oh but the Gods didn’t stop there, oh no. Once they were done showing off their musical chops, my boss invited me back to see them after a very important corporate meeting…with The Whigs…

Once I got the email to come back up, I was flying up the stairs with phone in hand. This lil lady is gawna geeyut uh pitcher with thuh Wheeyugs.

Of course….mayhap I should have fixed my hair, took it down or braided it all sexy like….mayhap I should have spent a second in front of the mirror because who doesn’t want to look good for the Rawk Gods of My Earphones? Here is my theory for being ungirl, I JUST LOVE THE FUCKING MUSIC! I could have had a hairy growth on my face and I would have been smiling just as big. That imagery makes me really nauseous. But the point still stands.

I’m whigged grateful for meeting these boys, and again- I’m not convinced this actually happened to me. But pictures don’t lie…unless you photoshop them… but if that’s the case with the photos above then I’m in the wrong career and have the quickest draw in the Photoshop West.

I can’t wait for the concert in Brooklyn come November– it’ll be worth dragging my ass through the battlefield of hipsters to bask in their presence once more.

I hope I’m cooler next time.

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