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I Can Has Style: EMMY EDITION!

September 24, 2012


Last night’s Emmy’s were amazing! All the…actors and um…clothes….oh and those wins….OK FINE! I didn’t actually watch the Emmy’s, only the red carpet…and then maybe we put on Cabin In The Woods…maybe….

Regardless, this segment is not “I Can Has Watching Award Shows”, it’s about style, ya’ll. 

I was a little bummed to see the tameness of last night, nobody really went there in their frilly frocks but I did notice a few themes, so let’s dig in:

Orange You Yellow?

The carpet was on fire last night! That may sound like a venereal disease…I meant the colors blazed the trail for fashion last night. Whilst I’m not a yellow or orange lady, I love me some Girl on Fire (Katniss, not Keys), and these dresses didn’t disappoint.

Look What The Tie Dragged In:

You might need to loosen your collar while watching an episode of Breaking Bad but the stars of the show were tied at the neck with the MAN THEME of the evening: Bow Ties, yall! I thoroughly enjoyed this trend last night, these Celebro’s kicked out Pee Wee and welcomed in Gary Cooper with ease.

Classics Done Gone Contemporary:

These were some of the first frocks my eyes locked onto, leave it to this vintage vixen to spot the classics- but the more I saw, the more I realized these weren’t your run of the mill retro seams. Each dress took a piece of a long gone era and zipped it up with 2012 edge. I thoroughly appreciated these pieces, even if Julianna Houghes took me a minute to agree with.

You Mean What I Pick:

In my opinion, which is the only one you’re allowed to think, these were the Leading Ladies of the night. I noticed a trend with deep maroons and purples, but Fey and Dreyfus beat those others black and blue. And speaking of blue, Sarah Paulson might be my best dressed pick- that gown is effing gorgeous.


Let’s talk during a moment of silence for those dresses that murdered our eyes last night…

I hate when my purse bunches my dresses up…I’m gonna pretend that’s what this is.

Anyone sitting around Lucy tonight, put your compact away- you have a human mirror.

Barbie? Late 70’s country glam? Ashley Judd?

Mother of Hurl…I mean, Pearl….

*Blank Stare*

Well, that’s the list! Congrats to all those award winners, but you’re truly nothing until I’ve covered your fashion…so you’re welcome.

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