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Mission: Face Melt: Completed.

September 20, 2012


Sorry, I’m still feeling rebellious and hardcore after my rock show. AND YOU CAN STICK IT UP YOUR ASS! Or something like that…

Last night was amazing. The Whigs rawked out intensely, playing songs I never thought they’d play…I didn’t give much away about the personality they have on stage, so I found pleasure when Parker jacked that leg up to hop around the stage garnishing looks from Zach in the form of “WTF?”

Maybe I’m kinda depressed it’s over. Maybe I’ll see when they’re here again. Maybe I’ll listen to them today like a redundant madmen, MAYBE, WHO KNOWS?

The openers were equally as face melting. Country Mice had the happiest drummer I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, the band in its entirety was mesmerizing. Bravah fellas!

If you look closely, you’ll see happy bearded drummer man

Who knew we had our own version of “Happy Drummer” in the mix…

skaters kicked ass and took names, succeeding in making the crowd rowdy for the rowdiness of them all. I love listening to this band in general, but performing live brought so much  more to their shit. I’ll be tracking them down soon for another show.

He was too hardcore to get a still shot…sorry….for his awesomeness

All in all…I’m so effing grateful for live music, bands that kick ass, and crowds that want to be there because of who is there.

Rawk on.

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