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God, You’re Such A Hamm.

September 11, 2012

I’m going to pretend that I’m putting this photo up here for a review on great photoshop, sparked from this comment:

Guys…this is Photoshopped, and I can explain why. (I do Photoshop alterations for a living.) It’s been hit with clone stamp several times because the wrinkle patterns are interrupted and don’t match, and there are slight color pixel changes that happen when the pattern has been altered. The outline toward the top has had clone blending. It’s a bad alteration. Next time they assign freeballers, they need to do a better job.

The happy couple, and his girlfriend of many a year, took a stroll in some town on some day… I would look up the facts but I’m too busy staring at his…cough…girlfriend?

She’s def real, but is One Eye? That’s up to you and your two eyes.

So uh…everyone take a long…hard…head on look….and let me know your thoughts. On the photoshop technique…I think we can all agree the penis leans to the right…side….of awesome, ZING!

I’m fighting the urge to type in all caps- PENIS!

Oops….guess I failed.

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