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Breaking The Ice On A Bad Goodbye.

September 4, 2012


I’m not sure I can do this. I’ve been with you through bad news, life altering choices, a ghetto RV…JNKO’s. I’ve seen you as a man, a monster and a strange mix of both that leaves me dreading the end. I’m not sure I can break this, Mr. White.

Ok, fine. I don’t know Walter White from the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad”, but I sure as shit stood by and cringed during every second of a 5 year series. That should stand for something.

From tightie whities to hazmat suits, I’ve been there Walter. And now you’re asking me to quit it? Cold Turkey? Sober up? You’ve been my enabler, I’ve smoked every gram of your clear blue talent and now- after another 8 episodes in 2013- I’m suppose to just…forget it? Move on?

I’ve lived through the end of Friends, ABC took GCB away before I could make the next move, I’m already in the impending break up of Weeds: Why would life take the best thing since color tv on color tv away from me?

I’m truly terrified to know the end of our favorite teacher gone drug lord. Hank hasn’t always been on top of things, but when something has been right under your nose the entire time..well, embarrassment can be a dangerous thing.

I’ll take the next few months to reflect, I’ll try to understand life without you and your heart palpitating near misses…But, it just all feels too soon.

I never foresaw breaking up with Breaking Bad. Just another twist in the plot, I suppose.

It was good knowing you, Icarus.

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