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I Can Has Style.

August 28, 2012

The Un-Girl!

I’ve been trying so hard (barely at all) to be a girl lately. We’re all aware of my inner struggle to accept heels in daily life and not allow my earrings holes to close with neglect- well it’s almost been a years worth of “I Can Has Style” and I’m one step closer….literally, one step- I wore a necklace today. For fashion purposes. (I wear one piece of jewelry daily, a “make a wish” necklace with a little elephant that Maki got me)

So, in celebration of this massive (puny) step forward in my girlhood, I’ve decided to write the “I Can Has Style” for the Un-Girl, where we’ll approach lil baby steps to ensure you continue to be the subtly lovely girl but with…gulp….accessories…

The Un Flip Flop:

Come on Subtly Lovely Ladies, i know this is your standard go to when it’s too warm for TOMS. But might I suggest a hint of sparkle? I’ve become a fan of sliding sparklies on with a plain tank and jeans. (I may or may not have bought those sparklies to go with my Katniss dress for my party…)

Bun for a Braid?

I hate to once again go the Hunger Games route, but you know how I do.

I’m a wearer of buns, all the time. I’m such a wearer of buns that people I’ve worked a year with had no idea how long my hair was. So, once I trained my fingers to be normal,  I started braiding my hair. Yes, I am so un-girl I couldn’t even braid.

Maybe just drape one, ONE, simple necklace?

I was stumped on another way to be a girl without being THAT girl until I remembered my own personal baby step. Portlandia may shout about putting birds on it, but I say: Put a necklace on it.

I’m not trying to get crazy, so I went with showing pieces I could incorporate into my Un-Girl life. But if you aren’t into stones or beads, go crazy…but not too crazy, we’re trying to keep to our Un-Girl roots.

I  unfortunately have no alternatives for the following: hoop earrings, toe rings, bracelets, high heels, belts, lipstick, eye shadow, intricate hair weavings, etc.

If normal girls can has style, I can has style.

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