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I Was Just Wondering…

August 24, 2012

What the fuck is up with sparkling water? Like….why is it?

I’m not a big soda drinker altogether, it’s a magical elixir that causes instant headaches for me- makes my teeth feel gritty. I will enjoy a 7Up here and there, maybe Sierra Mist….but come now, those clear bubblies at least have amazing flavor.

Who wants a soda with no flavor? And they make it sound like it’s not a soda with no flavor, it’s “sparkling water”.

This is not a tasteless glass of carbonated liquid, it’s “Aqua Dream”

This is not a mouth drying glass of bubbly water, it’s “Diamond Juice”

This is not sparkling water, it’s “Perrier”

Seriously? It’s water, with bubbles, and no taste. It’s weird.

What’s worse is when people are like, it’s the only way I get my water intake.

Ok…so if they put bubbles in a gym would you go?

Let’s put bubbles in salad, then maybe America will deflate….OH, wait…carbonation causes bloating. But at least we can all say it IS really water weight.

I know plain ol’ water isn’t as hip as Diamond Sparkling Aqua Juice, but come on- choke down a bottle, or two, of “flat” and call it a day.

I was just wondering, when did tasteless bubble water take the place of REAL water.

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