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August 23, 2012

After leaving this….

I think a cupcake is in order, yeah? Eat my feelings and all.


That is a peach cupcake with peach melba inside, some raspberry to add a zing. YMWIK, was it delicious? Oh, aren’t ya’ll cute. YES.

And you know what makes eating an amazing cup of cake even better?

Having a Zen Frog to watch over me, blessing every bite with zen-ness.

In respect of the good omen,  I chose to share the wealth of my cupcake affection with my dog, as Moxie Cupcakes in New Paltz has their very own “Pupcakes”…. you may proceed to die out of cuteness.

Ok, now come back to life so you can read the rest.

She stared for a long time, looking from us to the human looking treat. She sniffed it, licked at it, and then proceeded to walk away as if she wasn’t going to be fooled by our mean trickery. And then I shoved a bite in her mouth and this was the result. But I will say, she seemed confused the entire time.

I didn’t take a bite out of these…..*awkward stare*…..but I will vouch for the fact they smell effing amazing. I think Rosie was confused at how her tastebuds were awakened to the magicness of cupcakery.

Guess i’ll have to learn to make them….for her….and only her…..cough…..

If you’re ever in the area of the hip town, New Paltz, please find this strange architecture anomaly , drive around the corner of it and there is the haven for both human and dog cupcakery needs.

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  1. October 1, 2012 9:48 pm

    She was confused cuz when she ate half a sheet cake she got yelled at….LOL

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