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Did You Hear That, Ed? Bears.

August 22, 2012


Sorry for my absence, allow me to explain. I was one with nature on the weekend, I was then one with a day off on Monday…and theeeen one with no computer, but good news- the last fossil of a white macbook has now passed on. A moment of silence, if you will.


Soak it in, weirdos- this was our view from mountain top. You know how we do.

This is the face of a girl who was convinced to hike with all our camping gear by memories of 16 year old Zach. Never. Again.

This made hiking with all our camping gear worth it.

King Frankie of the Stone Quarry. We camped at a place where someone built rooms and thrones out of quarry rock. It…rocked…eh?

Our view from the campsite.

Everybody say byyyyyye trail.

I did a series of poses my lil sister is infamous for, this was the only one where I looked half decent. Apparently I can’t do the cool hip pop pose, but I can drink Skinny Girl straight from the bottle. Duh, camping.

What you don’t see is the juiciest chicken, steak, veg combo ever made in camping history. What you also don’t see are the animals who devoured the food…and by animals I mean us, we were calorie deprived to the max.

I made friends early on….I’m a simple girl, give me a corn cob and a cow- I’ll be in heaven.

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