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I Was Just Wondering…

August 17, 2012

Are you the carrier of the elusive disease where your face morphs from window to storefront to window? You know, the disease that doesn’t really exist and is  just a horribly obvious form of conceit.

It’s no lie that I care too much about people noticing me in public- put me on stage in front of hundreds and i don’t break a sweat, put me as me in society and I’m an anxious/insecure lil chihuahua.

So my take on checking myself out in public is an opening for people to see me doing that and think in their heads, “She has nothing worthy of checking out.”

Told you- anxious/insecure chihuahua. 

While I’m obviously one end of the spectrum, the people I see on the train/sidewalk/coffee-shop/store checking themselves out from reflecting surface to reflecting surface are down right unimaginable. I expect this from girls, we have a lot going on and  summer skirts have a nasty way of riding up thanks to the luggage we call a purse. But one time ladies, maybe twice if your view got cut off- but you’re not changing that much in between windows, my dears- no need to eye yourself as you walk, it’s not that interesting.

Men- I can’t even. I witnessed a shaved head, black sweater, normal jeans wearing dude check himself out in a coffee shop mirror four times. FOUR TIMES. The line hadn’t even moved. And it wasn’t a subtle rapid blink kind of check out, this guy was UP IN THE MIRROR.

And might I, just for a moment, point out the obvious? Allow me to modernize a scene from Fahrenheit 451 with a dash of The Fountainhead: Don’t  you want to look around? I know I talk a lot of shit about this city in a negative stand point, but the things that can’t hurt your feelings or make you feel superior in manners are the massive, laid stone mountains we’ve been given to work in. Live in. Admire.

The men chosen to erect these functioning works of art, I’d like to think, took a certain prideful passion to create something that its society could not only use and live in, but gaze upon and follow the climb of bricks, or etchings of stone, or sculpted rock. You can see yourself from a compact, from a mirror at home- these monuments, while google-able on any browser, are waiting for you to look up in person as you walk to work, dinner, home, a friends.

And if you’ve just, like, seen all the buildings already, obvi… Look at some leaves, the people passing you, the birds taking sand baths at the foot of a tree. It’ll make you smile, maybe make you think, bring you down to earth and off the Cloud of technology and conceitedness.

I was just wondering, do you use your eyes for anything other than yourself?

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