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News! WORTH! Newsing!

August 16, 2012

Oh, motherfuckers.

it looks like Nike had no qualms about keeping this note-worthy top on the shelves: a women’s t-shirt displaying the words “Gold Digging.”


We don’t like to be super sensitive about these things, but something about this seems… off. The t-shirt features metallic gold lettering and Nike’s signature check logo and is only available for women (because women presumably love to be called gold diggers).

Something about it does seem off….like the fact that it’s apparently news. Or the fact that, while women (hypocrites) don’t like to be called gold diggers, they sure as shit don’t mind acting like one! And how!

When women…..

all over…..


show us nothing but….

what you call offensive, on a t-shirt, IN REAL LIFE…

What do you expect to be printed on a boob canvas?

We put ‘Sexy’, ‘Spicy’, and ‘Juicy’ on asses all over the sweat pants of America, but Nike puts “Gold Digger” and it makes front page? How does Juicy Couture not get backlashed? Oh right…bc it’s Couture…makes sense.

Honestly folks, this is what offends you? Or is it that you feel you don’t stand for anything, and you’re much too busy to read about actual problems, so you decide jump on the bandwagon of stupidity and chant the decrees of people with no real issue?

Guess what? There are actual issues, and they can range in importance from person to person- but don’t be intimidated by the big words in real newspapers and online mags, a dictionary is just a click away. And you’ll be learning and decreeing about things that matter. Nike, Gold Diggers, Miley Cryus haircuts….these don’t matter. And it’s embarrassing that I even have to type that out.

In case you want to stand by this ‘sexist issue’, might I remind you of something? You. Don’t. Have. To. Wear. It. 

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